Although this work has it's roots in the Daily Tangles produced for a few years prior, what changed was the Pandemic lockdown, and a year of intensive study with few distractions. What had been a kind of placeholder work that bridged small islands of studio time in a work week now became more focused. They were no longer just quick sketches, but shifting from a quick capture of a thought to a working out of a system.

I enjoy a certain tension between 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional art. My drawings and paintings always feel to me as if they want to lift off of the page and grow into space. My sculptures have an uneasy relationship with their own shadows.

Likewise, my work often explores other dualities, especially the tension between the well worked out and the ad hoc gestural. I honor the moment when, through process, through trial and error, a work holds both refinement and awkward rawness in a kind of balance.